June 14, 2018 - Plainfield, NJ - Pre-kindergarten, first and second grade students and teachers at Clinton Elementary School in the Plainfield School District have been working on an incredible literacy project using the book "The Tiny Seed" by author Eric Carle. Children learn by investigating the subject of the butterfly and the environment under experiences that include reading, drawing and an exhibition.

The work has been carried in and out of classrooms and in the hallways of the school. According to Vashon Hill, Kindergarten Teacher Assistant, teams of teachers conducted this literacy and learning campaign to allow children to experience and learn something fun and practical in their lives.

"The students worked hard on different projects, which included an exhibition in our hallways, drawings, and personal expression. All for the benefit of children throughout the school. It was important to place items in the hallways to invite other children who did not participate in this project, to observe, learn and share what the children were learning. So we all learn at the same time. "

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"After reading the book," The Tiny Seed, "Students also learned lessons about the different seasons of the year, life cycles of butterflies, sunflowers, bees and plants," said Maria Pagan, First Grade Bilingual educator."All the lessons were taught through each subject: math, reading, writing and science. Although the children were in different grades they all learned about these lessons and collaborated on the project."

Approximately 100 children participated in this innovative learning project. Ms. Pagan said ­­­­­they expect to continue next year.

The team of teachers included: Preschool: Ms. Niketa Bailey-Dupiche and Ms. Audrey Fenton; Kindergarten: Mr. Vashon Hill, Ms. Tina Geslak, Ms. Jenny Jasko, Mrs. Jill Stanton, Ms. Karen Pacifico, Ms. Norma Nieto, Ms. Rosa Camey; 1st Grade: Ms. Maria Pagan, Ms. Oladele Osunsami, Ms. Genean Grate, and Ms. Regina Mazza;  2nd Grade: Ms. Antoinette Barracato and Ms. Gabriela Zanatta-Perdomo.