Everyone looks forward to summertime; the days are warmer and longer, and mother nature puts on her best dress as fruits ripen in the sunshine and flowers wave a cheery hello. People flock to the beach or the pool, and backyard Barbecues are a must on weekends.

Here in the City of Plainfield, we get excited too because this is the time of year when we employ and mentor almost 200 of our young people. 

Our Summer Youth Employment Program has allowed many of our Plainfield youth over the years the opportunity to get close and personal with the inner workings of City Government while earning some money. In addition to working closely with city personnel and partners and getting invaluable on the job training and exposure, they also take part in training sessions on financial literacy and learn other essential skills.

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It's a joy to walk around City Hall and see young minds at work, gaining experience and inspiration. The energy they bring with them is palpable. They are optimistic, eager, and excited about life and the opportunities that lay ahead of them. As I look at each year's incoming group, I wonder if there is one who will return to sit in my office as Mayor of our great city. I think about the legacy we are building for them to inherit, and it inspires me to dig deeper, to try harder - to make Plainfield a place they will always love and embrace as home.

Everything begins with our children, and I'm committed to seeking and providing avenues for them to learn and grow.

The Summer Youth Employment Program is just one of the many ways we show care and concern for our young people, and we look forward to meeting and working with this year's batch of bright, young Plainfielders.

Creating, One Plainfield, One Future


Mayor Adrian O. Mapp

City of Plainfield