I get asked this question quite often. And the short answer is... my internal compass has always plotted a trajectory towards gardening.

I was born on a lush and verdant island in the West Indies, and after traveling to this country as a  young child, I landed in an area of  New York, ( which was to be my home for many years), with concrete sidewalks, concrete steps,  and concrete backyards.  As a child that became my entire world, my playground. But the longing to be surrounded by nature never left my soul.

I discovered gardening, and it became my lifeline!

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When I became a Master Tree Steward, then a Certified Master Gardener, and finally a Certified Square Foot Gardening Instructor, my world once again became lush, and vibrant.

I specialize in a method of gardening created by Mel Bartholomew, called Square Foot Gardening. I conduct workshops, and presentations for both adults and children.  I endeavor to make gardening accessible to everyone, from the beginner gardener to the weary and seasoned gardener.

Within the lines of this column,  I will impart my knowledge of  gardening in general, and Square Foot Gardening in particular.  I will share fundamental gardening principles, anecdotal insights, gardening wisdom, and advice. And along the way, reveal tips and trick to help you develop a green thumb while cultivating your very own beautiful and productive garden, in less space, with less time, and less work.

I hope you'll join me on this journey into Gardening, Nature, and Life!

Happy Gardening!