A new children’s book addresses a concern shared by many kids with working mothers – a concern that often leads to the question, “Why is my mom always working?”

A message she received from a young daughter while working late one night led New Jersey author and mother of three Tiffany Stallings to write her illustrated tale, “Mommy Works Too Much.”

“I thought that I was doing a wonderful job of balancing parenthood, being a wife and working full time,” Stallings said. “But one night, my daughter emailed me at work to ask when I was coming home.”

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Stallings’ daughter told her she worked too much.

“That email filled me with guilt, and it prompted me to write this book,” Stallings said.

In “Mommy Works Too Much,” 7-year-old Gigi wishes her mom were home to tuck her in at bedtime instead of working late. It’s an adorable story that will resonate with young readers with parents who must juggle responsibilities at home and in the workplace.

The book, which was illustrated by freelance artist Nahn Duc, is suitable for children ages 3-6.

“Mommy Works Too Much” is the first story in a planned 10-book series titled “The Adventures of Gigi and Mimi.” The books will chronicle the life experiences of two siblings, and delve into topics such as friendship and family, Stallings said.

“Mommy Works Too Much” will be released in paperback and as an ebook on Amazon.com and Kindle on Dec. 30. In addition to the regular paperback edition of the book, Stallings is producing a special classroom edition with a reading comprehension supplement for teachers.

Stallings lives in Piscataway, New Jersey, with her daughters, Gigi, 9, and Mimi, 12, the real-life inspirations for the book characters. Her 19-year-old son, Kenya, is a sophomore at Temple University. Stallings is the vice principal at Fedcap School, a private school for students with disabilities. In her spare time, she’s a runner, road cyclist and sprint triathlete. She’s currently training for the 2017 Paris Marathon.

As she prepares for the publication of her first children’s book, Stallings is working on a motivational book for women titled "The Bounce Back Mindset: How to Regain Control of Your Life When Life Screws You." You can follow her on Facebook via her author page, Oh Tiffany Writes, at www.facebook.com/ohtiffanywrites or at www.ohtiffanywrites.com