FLORHAM PARK, NJ- Back in 2013, the New York Jets submitted a plan to build a helipad at Atlantic Health Jets Training Center (AHJTC) in Florham Park. That plan drew the ire of residents in Florham Park and Madison, where many community residents raised concerns over the noise and the potential for accidents. The plan was subsequently withdrawn in July of that year.

The original New York Jets application proposed the construction of a restricted use helicopter landing pad, indicating it was "for transport of executives of the training center and injured athletes."

Fast forward to 2017. In March, the team refiled its application, using the argument it was exempt from local zoning because AHJTC is owned by a state agency. Upon further research into the ownership of the facility, records show the AHJTC is owned by N.J. Sports and Exposition Authority.

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The Transportation Department for The State of New Jersey issued a letter last week approving the helipad, but the New York Jets declined to comment on the approval and the construction date has yet to be announced.

This end around meant that no public hearing was required prior to the decision being handed down by the Transportation Department. Knowing the concerns that were raised in 2013 on the initial unveiling of the project, these new developments have begun to cause quite a stir amongst residents of Florham Park.