PLAINFIELD, NJ - New “No Parking” signs in Plainfield neighborhoods are meant to ensure access of emergency vehicles, but residents said Monday they are affecting the personal safety of family members.

Willie Robinson said the new rules are “causing a hardship for residents” by forcing them to park remotely or get tickets.  He said his wife and daughter must park blocks away and walk home.

“We can’t have it,” he said.

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Others said the same, citing the hazards of coming back from work at late hours and having to walk a distance instead of parking right in front of their homes.  One resident said she took a chance unloading bags of groceries into her home, risking a ticket rather than trying to lug the bags home from a more distant parking space.

After hearing five residents complain about the new rules and multiple tickets costing as much as $54 each, Police Director Carl Riley said, “Safety’s paramount,” and parking was prohibited on one side of several narrow streets especially for situations like recent storms requiring emergency response. Riley said he has seen unused driveways and has personally asked people to use them instead of the street. But he said “we will do our best” to re-evaluate the situation.

Councilwoman Joylette Mills-Ransome said a lot of residents were saying they don’t even have a driveway, and Councilman Cory Storch suggested permit parking, such as homeowners have near the Netherwood train station and Plainfield campus of Union County College.

Mayor Adrian O. Mapp said the administration will revisit the plan and come back to the council. But he backed up Riley, saying “Job number one is public safety."