Plainfield Now, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization devoted to addressing social, economic, and educational inequalities in Plainfield and the surrounding areas

On Saturday April 1, 2017 at 12 noon, Plainfield Now will sponsor a free viewing of the Movie “Hidden Figures.” The movie will be co-sponsored by Plainfield Public Schools and The Division of Parks and Recreations at the City of Plainfield. It will be shown at the Plainfield High School, 950 Park Avenue, Westry Horne Auditorium.

According to Ayisha Mapp, Executive Director of Plainfield Now “Plainfield has always been an exciting place to live and work, but recently the city has been experiencing an exciting economic and social renaissance. It is our goal to supplement this expansion and growth by helping to usher in an educational renaissance as well.

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We want to ensure that our youth have equal access to the global economy. We’ve seen programs implemented after a critical age, and solely in order to fill a perceived educational gap. We want to partner with schools at an earlier age, so those gaps don’t exist in the first place.

I think that STEM programs are essential to our community and I have a passion to see the City of Plainfield flourish.  I believe this movie can help open the minds of our youth to all possibilities.”

Plainfield Now hopes to attract young people from all across the City and ignite a spark of interest in the opportunities that exist through education and determination.
For more information please call Ayisha Mapp at 908-477-5735.