PLAINFIELD, NJ - The Plainfield City Council's Agenda Fixing Session on Tuesday evening included the introduction of an addendum pertaining to the Lampkin House.  Ordinance MC 2017-33 would remove a local historic landmark designation at the 846-854 Terrill Road property. 

On July 19, 2006, the City Council had adopted an ordinance that included the Lampkin House as one of twelve properties designated as local historic landmarks.  The land containing the single family dwelling, also known as the Dolbeer-Ware House, included a secondary structure referred to as a barn, but neither the barn nor the property itself were determined to be historic in nature.

Due to neglect and disrepair, the Lampkin House was demolished by the City of Plainfield on June 14, 2016, and the need no longer exists to maintain its historical designation.

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A June 27, 2017 resolution by the Plainfield Historic Preservation Commission (HPC), considering all of these facts, found "that the public interest will be served by removing the property from the historic registry" and recommended that Municipal Code, Article X, Secion 17:10-3(G) be amended.

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It also resolved that the City of Plainfield may sell, transfer, or develop at the property without any oversight, recommendation or control by the HPC; any purchaser of the property would also be free from HPC oversight.

On Aug. 14th, Planning Director William Nierstedt submitted the recommendation to the City Council to accept the ordinance amending the municipal code.