A beautiful thing is happening in Plainfield; there is a palpable taste of something so powerful and strong that it is almost overwhelming. It is the scent of change, the march of progress. After decades of struggling to overcome economic hardships, reputational stigma and the dogmatic pessimism of detractors - the Queen City is poised to reclaim its title as the Jewel of Union County.
Plainfield's renaissance has taken root, and its effect is being felt in all sectors of our community; from high quality, affordable housing to new businesses; commercial spaces, to job creation; quality investors to transit hubs, and every single resident will benefit from these changes. My administration has focused not only on development but also on quality of life issues affecting Plainfield residents; from this was born the Healthy Plainfield initiative. Healthy Plainfield encompasses not just physical and mental health but also and awareness of the things that prevent us from achieving a relative standard quality of life, we have taken steps to influence these outcomes, and we see results.
As great as these changes have been, we know all too well the hard work and sacrifice it took to create this momentum, and we recognize that there is much further to go. This development has not occurred in a vacuum; we've taken into account feedback from the community, and the needs expressed by residents. We have targeted select businesses and investors because we know that not everything would be the right fit for us. We are creating a City that meets the needs of our residents.
Plainfield, we've come a long way in a short period of time, but we must continue to work together to keep moving forward. Now, more than ever it is essential that we put aside our differences and unite. We've come too far to falter, and we are too close to turn back. We must close ranks and protect the things that make us uniquely Plainfield even as we forge ahead. 
The renaissance must continue, and we must stand together to make it happen.
Creating One Plainfield, One Future...
Mayor Adrian O. Mapp
City of Plainfield