PLAINFIELD, NJ - Plainfield Residents' Association for Animal Rescue, or PRAAR, founded in 2010, is a grassroots organization whose mission is to minimize the number of euthanized animals in the community through education, advocacy, networking, and a neighborly helping hand.

PRAAR has compiled a registry of pets in Plainfield, and continues to add to it via the work it does with lost and found cats, dogs, and other animals.  The group invites residents to proactively reach out to them with the following information about their pets:

  • Owner Name
  • Owner Address
  • Owner contact number(s) and email
  • Pet name
  • Pet pictures
  • Breed, sex and coloring
  • Neutered/intact/fixed
  • Microchip number
  • License number
  • Disposition, i.e. friendly, shy
  • Medical issues, if any

PRAAR encourages residents to keep a collar/harness on their pets at all times, with an ID tag listing owner's name, address, and telephone numbers.  The group also urges owners to microchip their pets.  The cost is just $25, including registration.  For additional information on microchipping, call the Plainfield Division of Health at 908-753-3092.  Additionally, the AHS Mobile Clinic typically comes to Plainfield twice a month.

For more information or to register your pet with PRAAR, call 973-868-5939 or email