Chris’s Barbershop & Beauty Station located on 120 North Ave in Plainfield, NJ has not been licensed since 2008 through the New Jersey Department of Consumer Affairs.  Not only is it not in good standing; however; it is revoked and been operating without insurance seven days a week. Disregarding my numerous requests as the owner to close until proper licensing and proof of insurance is provided.

They have also been significantly neglectful in following the current pandemic and the NJ Governor’s Executive Orders. On numerous occasions, the Plainfield Police have been to the Barbershop and have summoned them.   The violations did not affect the barbershop and has remained open throughout the the pandemic.  Additionally, not only was the barbershop open throughout the pandemic the owner opted to cover the glass and work in the shop despite the Executive Order.

Multiple calls have been made to the following offices:  City of Plainfield Public Safety Director Lisa Burgess, Department of Health, Community Affairs, City of Plainfield, Police Department, New Jersey Department of Consumer Affairs, New Jersey Department of Cosmetology.  

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At this point no one has been able to close and or help with this matter.  The Barbershop is still open and not sure what kind of connection or inappropriate contacts this owner has been able to secure.  It is a dangerous situation and with the high number of COVID-19 residents who have died and are in recovery of this disease needs to be revealed not only the negligence since 2008; however the most recent negligence and response to the pandemic.  

As a law-abiding property owner throughout the city that this need to be brought to light and taken care of immediately as it has been 12 plus years that the barbershop has been operating illegally and now is risking the life of the resident in Plainfield.  

Michal Furmaniak