PLAINFIELD, NJ - Three members who will be leaving the Plainfield Board of Education were recognized at the last meeting of 2017 at Washington Community School.

Acting Superintendent Dr. Caryn Cooper read resolutions honoring departing members Terrence Bellamy, Sr., Carletta Jeffers, and David Rutherford.



Bellamy said, "I want to thank my wife, and my children, for putting up with  these three wonderful years.  I learned a lot about this city of Planfield that I grew up in.  I learned an awful lot about the city of Plainfield I grew up in.  I want to say going forward, let's put our children first.  Thanks."

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Carletta Jeffers said, "I want to say thank you for the opportunity to serve; it was my pleasure.  Happy holidays to all of you."


David Rutherford said, "I just want to say it's been an honor, a privilege, and a great experience to be on the board.  And I know  getting the schools to where we deserve them to be is not a three year process, or four or five years but hopefully the board can continue to do what's right for the students."

Cameron Cox, Terence Johnson, and Dr. Avania Richardson-Miller, who won in November's general election, will join the Board of Education in 2018.