PLAINFIELD, NJ - Newly appointed Dr. Caryn Cooper, Acting Superintendent of Plainfield Public Schools, answered many of the public's questions at the special meeting that was held on July 6 at the high school.

The meeting was much less contentious than the previous one, and Dr. Cooper addressed the following:

  • Plainfield Public School district will receive $2.4 million;
  • Re the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, or ESEA, the revamped No Child Left Behind program, and renamed Every Student Succeeds Act - an extension has been granted to August 31.
  • Re the Before and After Care program, Dr. Cooper stated she is not sure if the collection of funds from parents will be able to support the program, but the district will do its best to provide something.



Dr. Cooper also addressed parent Sam Cooper about teachers being brought back, especially specific to "content teachers."

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Jo-Ann Grace Bandomer politely asked the question about how long an Interim Superintendent can serve, which is two years. 


When she asked if the public would have input into the interview process, Board President Morgan responded, "Thank you so much for your comments.  We will certainly take them into consideration."

Under HR appointments, the A1 walk-on item motion carried.