PLAINFIELD, NJ - To launch the call of the summer, Plainfield High School, the Board of Education and the PHS staff formulated “Spring Fest,” a carnival like no other. This “Fest” took a trip on the wild side with its various vendors of ethnic food, games, rides and culture. The fest was a carnival that jump-started the season in Plainfield. From small children to adults many came from all around to enjoy the festivities. Most of the attendees were Plainfield residents, but the "hype" of the event was displayed when students from Piscataway, Watchung, Warren and Newark were recognized. The fair was a safe, fun, and family-oriented way to spend the evening.

The Alternative Press interviewed a few attendees to catch the scoop on why this year’s carnival turned out so well.

Rides, rides, rides! A highlight of the carnival was the new addition of rides Plainfield had never seen. Angel Crawford, a teacher in Plainfield, explained that this year’s carnival had a great variety of rides. The fact that there were some ‘kiddie’ rides and the perfect mix of rides for the older audience, the carnival was suitable for a wider range of people. Crawford also thought that the one dollar entrance charge was a good idea. Crawford would like to point out that this is not the first time a grand carnival was erected in the parking lot of the high school, but has been the best one yet.

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Hubbard Middle School student Tatianya described the carnival as “popping!” She said the highlight of her and everyone else’s night was the “Ring of Fire." However, this eighth-grader suggested that the prices for next year’s fest be lowered to 25 cents a ticket rather than a dollar, with no entrance admission fee.

For Guadalupe Mercado, a Muslim college graduate, the countless number of diverse groups at the carnival was an eye-opener. She said, “I’m glad to see that Plainfield kids have somewhere to escape to, either riding the merry go around or eating cotton candy; it was a safe place to be.” The only downside Mercado mentioned was the bad luck of weather and high prices.

Ultimately, the “Spring Fest” carnival was a success, and based upon the smiles of people faces, there is a sudden burst of summer fever in Plainfield.