PLAINFIELD, NJ - Plainfield Councilman Barry Goode was charged with driving while intoxicated after refusing to provide a breath sample on Dec. 9, according to a Plainfield Police report.

Plainfield Police were called to the 900 block of Melrose Place on that Saturday evening to investigate a motor vehicle accident involving a possibly intoxicated driver.

On the scene, officers noted that the vehicle, owned by Plainfield City Councilman Barry Goode, was missing its front bumper.

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According to the police report, a concerned area resident had attempted to assist the driver identified as Goode, who pushed him away and shut the car door on him, and then eventually entered the residence.  The citizen then contacted 911 at approximately 11:53 p.m.

Responding officers noticed a door to the home that was left wide open with keys still in the exterior lock.  The report notes that officers entered the residence announcing themselves as Plainfield Police, not knowing who the operator of the motor vehicle was at that point, or whether the homeowner was home and in danger or in need of medical assistance.

The officers came upon Goode, asking if he was okay.  They relayed how they came to be in his home, and after Goode struggled with some clothing, he was brought outside, with officers questioning him about whether the car on the lawn was his.  Due to his behavior, officers felt he was intoxicated.

The Union County Prosecutor's Office was called.  Additionally, the Plainfield Rescue Squad was called to the scene, but Goode refused medical services.  He was then brought to Plainfield Police Headquarters.

Goode attended the City Council meeting on Monday evening, Dec. 11, participating in a vote to raise both the Mayor's salary as well as members of the council. 

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