PLAINFIELD, NJ - Plainfield QCBL Bulldogs 10-year-old summer travel baseball team may have lost the championship game this past summer, but memories of winning the New Providence Green League as 9-year-olds, and backing of a supportive father, are the best motivators. 

Plainfield father and coach Samuel Smith, whose three children all play sports, told The Alternative Press of Plainfield, “We hope to keep these kids playing…they eat sleep and live baseball.”  Smith hopes that their commitment and love for the game will take them to the high school level.

According to recent NYU Child Study research, there is proof that sports contribute to the psychological well-being of children by reducing anxiety and depression, and also enhancing self-esteem. Sports participation is a major factor in the development of most American children. 

According to the same research, about 20 million American children ages 6 through 16 play organized out-of-school sports, and about 25 million youth play competitive school sports.  Between 30 and 45 million children ages 6 through 18 participate in at least one school or community-based athletic program.  Such activities produce healthy kids and give them the goals they need to flourish.