PLAINFIELD, NJ - The City of Plainfield, in a joint effort with the City of Elizabeth, will host an information session for individuals who have been charged with a criminal violation that was subsequently dismissed.  David Beverly, Ombudsman/Community Liaison, Union County Vicinage, will explain how this process works.

According to Donna Morris, City of Plainfield, Community Development, "Many individuals, after having their charges dismissed, believe their records reflect that dismissal.  Under past New Jersey law, a dismissal must be requested through an application process.  If not, when background checks are initiated by potential employers, they will still see the charge itself, which can lead to potential biases on the part of the employer."

Morris adds that an April 2016 amendment to the New Jersey expungement law has alleviated this problem, to a degree, as it now requires the request for dismissal to be made by the individual before the judge immediately upon that dismissal.  However, the individual would have to know to make the request for the removal of the dismissal to take effect; an expungement of a dismissal is never automatic.  

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There are two opportunities to learn more on this topic.  The first session will take place on June 20th at the Plainfield Public Library, 800 Park Avenue in Plainfield, 6:00 to 8:00 pm.  For more information, call Community Development at 908-753-3377.

The second session will take place at the Elizabeth Public Library on June 21st at the 11 South Broad Street in Elizabeth, 6:00 to 8:00 pm.  For more information, call Reentry Program, 908-820-4052.