PLAINFIELD, NJ - On June 5 at Plainfield  High School, an awards program for Plainfield students featured more than $68,000, 43 premier organizations in Plainfield and PHS seniors. Thirty-one seniors from Plainfield High school sat across from the Plainfield organizations that awarded scholarships to each student. The awards ranged from $50 to $3,000 checks. Every senior in the room would be attending a university.

The event was about Plainfield’s youth putting their best foot forward. The students and their parents were elated as name after name was called. From the President of the Board of Education Wilma Campbell, to the Mayor Sharron Briggs were on hand.

The students highlighted the staff at PHS for helping them along the way.  Many noted there were times when it  became difficult  for  the counselors and teachers to keep the students on track. However many did not forget to recognize the many challenges that requred extreme efforts of these young men and women to succeed. Some of the students came from backgrounds and households that were stricken with setbacks and difficulties . Mrs. Ogburn Thompson, co-chair of the event with Mrs. Annet States, said of the students' hard work, “I have worked in the high school for 15 years, and each and every year they make me proud and astonish me with how they succeed and persevere through situations and overcome the obstacles that they do. Its absolutely inspiring.”

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