PLAINFIELD, NJ - Mayor Adrian O. Mapp of Plainfield has issued a year-end message to residents, reflecting on both the positive growth and development experienced in the city, as well as addressing the violence that has occurred most especially as 2016 comes to a close.  Here is the full text.

Dear Plainfield,

It has been a trying year for our community family.

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We have been able to celebrate triumphs and hard-won victories. We have overcome challenges and adverse circumstances, and we have seen new life breathed into formerly abandoned spaces.

All these positive things, however, have been overshadowed by a scourge that seems to prowl our streets, determined to destroy the peace of mind of our city.

We cannot pretend that things are a utopia here, we have had recent troubling times, and if even one of our brothers or sisters is hurt, it hurts us all, it shakes our sense of wellbeing and denigrates the quality of life of our community.

It pains me that my last message of the year must contain such a somber note, but I feel it is imperative for me to assure you that we are gathering all the resources we can to fight back against the recent uptick in violence.

While our city remains a safe place for our residents, we recognize that there is a different kind of element among us who doesn't care about Plainfield. They don't care about the quality of life, they don't care about jobs, and clean spaces, and redevelopment, or paved roads, or even the survival of our community.  What they care about is destroying anything that is good and decent and positive and pursuing a deviant and violent path in life.

Plainfield, I am determined to rid our streets of this scourge. There are no easy answers, and I cannot promise you that this will happen overnight.  What I can promise you is that I will work night and day with our Law Enforcement agency, we will collaborate with as many outside supporting agencies as we can, seek advice from every corner of the country if we have to, and we will not stop until this is stopped here in our city.

I do not take the loss of life lightly; it is the one thing that is truly irreplaceable, and it is a burden upon my heart that we have had to deal with even one, here in our community.

The year 2016 has been many things, a year of extremes, beginnings, and endings, gains, and losses, continuity, and change.  But this is life, and while we would like to pause it sometimes and maybe even rewind a little, it marches on, not only here in Plainfield but all around the world.

As we prepare to say goodbye to this year let us try to reflect on some of the good things that have touched our lives, let's spend a moment to give thanks for at least one blessing and find a renewal as we step into 2017.

My Plainfield family remains one of the most important things in my life, and I am grateful as we move into the new year for the opportunity to work alongside you as we stand united for a better life, a closer community and build a foundation of strength for our children.

Creating One Plainfield, One Future...

Mayor Adrian O. Mapp
City of Plainfield