PLAINFIELD, NJ - Today, The Alternative Press came across two gentlemen in downtown Plainfield on the corner of Park Avenue and East Front Street. One wore what looked like traditional African garb, the other wore a t-shirt with the words “Truth Seeking University” on it and both men wore Fez hats, tall caps with a tassel hanging from the middle.

Clifford Jefferson Elby reported that his organization, The Moorish Divine and National Movement was started in 1928 in Illinois. Though their home-base is located at the Moorish Science Temple of America #10 in Asbury Park, Elby stated that they are currently in the process of finding a temple in Plainfield. “We are an organization in line with the requirements of a lawful nation…that teaches people about their birth right and their nationality.” Elby addressed the issues covering sovereignty, dual citizenship, unconstitutional de facto laws, universal laws all the way to man-made labels for examples, black, Negroes, etc. “Love, truth, peace, freedom, and justice this is what our flag stands for.”

The contents of their table consisted of, the “Black’s Law Dictionary”, Webster dictionary, fliers and pamphlets, and various books on history and human-nature. There are many groups in Plainfield that have not been uncovered and are underrepresented, but the presence of Elby and his colleague in our area is further proof of the diversity that is waiting to be uncovered in this city. Plainfield is widely known to be home to Christians and Catholics, but it apparently is home to Members of Islam, Buddhist, and Moors, as well. To learn more about the Moorish movement, visit