PLAINFIELD, NJ -  Plainfield Public School students were part of a great cycling event on Sunday that attracted athletes and cycling enthusiasts from around the State of New Jersey, to compete in the New Jersey State Bicycle Championships, held in Plainfield this weekend.
This is the second year in a row that the New Jersey State Bicycle Championships are held in the City of Plainfield thanks to Evergreen Elementary School’s vice principal Juan Pablo Jimenez and his mentor, Greg Cordasco, National Silver Medalist and a New Jersey resident. 
“This year’s completion was bigger and better,” said Mr. Jimenez.  “We had greater participation from our Plainfield school children. They were able to participate in bike rodeos, safety demonstrations from EZ Ride and receive bikes and helmets.” 
The children were able to compete in races with other children their age and received medals at the podium from Acting Superintendent of Plainfield Public Schools Dr. Debra Sheard.

“The event was a collaborative effort between the City of Plainfield, Plainfield Public Schools, the New Jersey State Bicycle Championships organization and our community.  Over 110 children received bicycles and helmets and got to enjoy the sport,” said Dr. Sheard.
This was a dream come true for Mr. Jimenez after 20 years of longing for cycling to come to Plainfield.
“I used to ask myself why can’t Plainfield have a bike race like other towns were I participate,” he said.  “It took 20 years but I am happy. We just want our young people to know about the sport and maybe one day, one of them, will pick up the sport and who knows maybe they will make it to the professional ranks.”
The organizations that made the event possible included Plainfield Bike exchange, Dairy Queen of Plainfield, EZ Ride, Cedar Hill Elementary in Basking Ridge, Liberty Cycles Cycling Team, Plainfield Police Division and Plainfield Public Schools. The helmets were donated by Liberty Cycles Cycling Team.
The event also included a food tasting fair.