In August, my running-mate, Tera, and I had the pleasure of attending Plainfield's 21st Century Summer Learning end-of-camp celebration. 

It was so refreshing to see some incredible things our students have accomplished in STEAM. Congratulations to all the students who participated- their performance & science projects were simply AWESOME.

We were truly blown away with the robots built by Mr. Lurie's camp group which consisted of students from 5th to 10th grade (Mr. Lurie is a science teacher at Maxon Middle School). His campers not only built & customized their individual robots, but they also used their Chrome Books to program their robots to complete a series of 5 challenges.

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Once the program was executed, the robot had to complete challenges 1-5 without any further intervention - I'm told, his students achieved varying levels of success with some accomplishing all 5 challenges! 

Ms. Smith's campers designed the most impressive 3-dimensional representation of a futuristic city using recyclable, everyday items decorated with neon designs that made for an amazing presentation of their creativity! (Ms. Smith is a science teacher at Hubbard Middle School) 

I can't say enough about the performance of Mr. Taylor's dancers - I left feeling like I had seen a professional off-broadway performance... so talented! (Mr.Taylor is the Dance teacher at Plainfield High School)

Big kudos to Ms. Zelda Spence, Project Director for Plainfield's 21st Century Community Learning Centers and her summer camp support staff - Mr. Jenabu Williams & Mr. Eric Halpen (both are site coordinators for the program) and Ms. Bernadette Odoms & Ms. Lisa Logan-Leach (both are paraprofessionals for Plainfield Public Schools).

This is the type of narrative we need to exploit for our students & educators of Plainfield! I'm inspired to know that our staff & students are achieving great things in the trenches! 

We need effective leadership to ensure great things are achieved for all of our students district-wide that is why I'm running for the Board of Education along with my running-mate... REP for Plainfield:

Richardson-Miller: Research-based solutions
E: Effective educational leadership
Phipps: Preparing students for success
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Dr. Avania Richardson-Miller