PLAINFIELD, NJ - The League of Women Voters of Plainfield will hold a Candidates Forum that will round out those forums already held by the Plainfield chapter of the NAACP and Shiloh Baptist Church as the primary election nears.

Each candidate that will participate on Wednesday was required, in advance, to submit a biography and provide answers to questions asked by the League for publication.  Any candidate who agreed to take part and later finds out that he or she will not be able to attend may submit an opening statement of the same length afforded the other candidates.  The absent candidate's statement will be read by a member of the Plainfield LWV immediately following the opening statements of the candidates who are in attendance.

Biographies for all of the mayoral candidates and those individuals running for City Council are available on the LWV-Plainfield’s website

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Incumbent Mayor Adrian O. Mapp is running against Rev. Tracey Brown, Dr. Henrilynn Ibezim, and Councilwoman Bridget Rivers for Mayor of Plainfield.  The four mayoral candidates were asked the following three questions, and their answers are also provided on the LWV-Plainfield's website.

  1. What is your stand on tax breaks for developers, and what type of development do you think is best for each ward?
  2. What deterrents to gun violence and other crime will you advocate?
  3. Name three goals for improving the quality of life in Plainfield.

As a sneak peek to topics that may spur discussion at the upcoming forum, TAPinto Plainfield is providing some video clips from the Shiloh Baptist Church forum that took place on Thursday, May 25.  First up, snapshots of the dialogue between candidates vying for the position of Mayor of Plainfield on the JFK-Muhlenberg Campus:


The mayoral candidates then answered a variety of questions on racism, programs for the city's youth, and more.


Additionally, there are three candidates - Alma Blanco, Cameron Cox, and Joylette Mills-Ransome - running for the Plainfield City Council-at-Large seat for Wards 2 and 3.  And the candidates running for the City Council seat in Ward 4 are Terri Briggs, Steve Hockaday, and Elliott Simmons.  All of these candidates were asked to provide answers to the following questions.  Again, you can find their answers on the LWV-Plainfield site HERE:

  1. If elected, what legacy do you hope to leave by the end of your term?
  2. As a council member, what constituent services would you provide or support?
  3. How will you uphold the checks and balances between the legislative and executive branches?


Come prepared with questions of your own for the May 31 forum.  Index cards will be distributed and then collected with your questions, and given to the moderator who will, in turn, pose your questions to the candidates.

The forum will take place at Emerson Community School from 6:30 to 8:30 pm; the school is located at 305 Emerson Avenue.  

Plainfield's primary election is on Tuesday, June 6.