Every year on the Fourth of July, Americans all over the country celebrate the anniversary of the USA's independence from British rule.
This is a time when families and friends get together, to share good times, good food and make great memories. There are parades, concerts, fireworks and just a general feeling of fun and goodwill.
Many other countries around the world also have independence celebrations at various times of the year. It represents the same no matter where you are from, It's a symbol of freedom, of hope, of the belief in the ability to overcome and to rise. It celebrates the indomitable spirit that refuses to be downtrodden.
To be independent is to be truly free; to have the capacity to make decisions for yourself without influence or pressure from another. Independence is what we work hard for our entire lives. As young adults, we work toward independence from our parents, as grownups, we pursue freedom from debt, some seek independence from a 9-5 job and strive to be entrepreneurs. Celebrating Independence Day can have a personal significance that goes beyond country and resonates with our most innate desires.
Plainfield as we prepare for our celebrations which this year showcases our diversity and has as its theme "Plainfield United, Plainfield Strong," let's reflect on the beauty and freedom of real independence.
As I look around our City I see faces of different hues, I hear accents from different lands, I smell the aroma of foods from various countries, but we are all here in this one place celebrating the independence of this, our nation. While we may not all have been born here, it is truly our home. Let us appreciate the circumstances that brought us all to this place and commit to building and working together.
A Plainfield United is a Strong Plainfield, proud, independent and free...

Have a happy, safe and fun-filled Fourth  
of July!

Creating One Plainfield, One Future...

Mayor Adrian O. Mapp
City of Plainfield