PLAINFIELD, NJ- On Tuesday The board of education had there normal monthly meeting . However this monthly meeting was special in regard to the honoring of Teachers of the Year in each of the 12 schools in the district. Each of the principals spoke  for about 2 minutes about the the winners of the award that was determined by vote of their peers. Considering the many challenges of teaching there was many statements regarding  of how these honorees stood out in many ways. Many of the the teachers accepted their awards with considerable pride. The  teachers honored were...  
Carri  Fischer Barlow 
Felicia Petway Cedarbrook
Nancy Slater Clinton
James Malkmus Cook
Jeanette Lacks Emerson
Zena  Young Evergreen
Shawn Colleta Jefferson
Whitney Jenkins Stillman
Payton Hines Washington
Edith Farrell Woodland
Betty Quinn Hubbard
Dionne Allen Maxson
Gregory Williams PAAAS
Regina Lynn BOAACD
Alicia Archibald PHS