PLAINFIELD, NJ - Residents received the Winter 2018 newsletter from the Plainfield Municipal Utilities Authority over the Thanksgiving weekend.  The big news is that starting in 2019, a dual-stream recycle collection will be implemented.

Weekly recycle collections will follow an alternating Wednesday schedule, with co-mingled bottles and cans picked up on separate weeks from paper and cardboard.  Residential recycling pickup service will be conducted citywide, not by zone.

Disposal rules for dual-stream recycling include:

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  • Co-mingled metal, plastic and glass bottles and cans should be rinsed, and caps should be off.  They should fit loosely in the PMUA blue recycling cart. 
  • Paper and cardboard recycling includes newspaper, magazines, phone books and mixed paper, as well as corrugated cardboard and paperboard.  Items should be flattened, tied with twine or rope, and left at the curbside. (UPDATE: A previous notice from PMUA noted items could also be left in the blue recycling bin.  This is no longer the case.)
  • Plastic bags should not be included in either collection.

The PMUA newsletter states that dual-stream recycling is a more enviro-friendly process that will reduce contamination levels in Plainfield's recycling stream, divert less material to landfills and help increase the likelihood of recyclable waste being turned into useful products.

It also notes that processing fees have increased due to strict new regulations imposed by China, a major market for recyclables, and that bales that are exported must contain only 0.5% contamination.

For more information on the 2019 schedule, visit or call 908-226-2518.