We, the Policeman's Benevolent Association, Local #19 have chosen to endorse Mayor Mapp for reelection.

Mayor Mapp has delivered on many of the promises he made to the residents of Plainfield.  He improved Plainfield's fiscal health with a new era of Economic Development.  Last summer the city employed 180 youth and 20 adults through the summer employment program.  Countless families have received services through various city-run programs such as Food Assistance and many recreational programs that focus on our youth.

One of the promises Mayor Mapp made was to focus on this police division and increase Public Safety.  This accomplishment is something we would like to see continue for another term.  Overall there has been a 25% reduction in crime from the beginning of 2014 to the end of 2016.  This down trend of crime can only continue with the cooperation we have seen from our mayor.  He is approachable, he recognizes our hard work, and always looks out of the best interest of the people of Plainfield.  The police division now has a clear vision on how to address issues that concern our residents regarding public safety.  We have established division wide community policing, officer training, improved technology and better hiring practices.  The structure and chain of command set forth has increased accountability for the entire police division, which is great news for this community.

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Carlos Gonzalez

President, PBA #19