PLAINFIELD, NJ - Plainfield High School’s Promenade, a red carpet-like event to showcase the students attending the prom before they arrive there, was covered for the first time by the combined efforts of, Plainfield YOU and Plainfield Community Television (PCTV) last Friday.

“Nothing like this has ever happened before,” said Analis Rivera, Chair of the Political Action Committee of Plainfield YOU and an intern at PCTV, “where a group of youths has covered the promenade.”

The Plainfield section of the Alternative Press borrowed the manpower of Plainfield YOU members to report from the event and PCTV contributed two cameras for filming the couples as well as interviewing the students.

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“We’re all about assisting other organizations,” said Soniah Herman, a member of Plainfield YOU, “our members were interviewing and reporting.”

The night before the promenade the youth organizers that covered the event set up an Instagram account with the handle “@taptk13” to have a best dressed contest for the students. As the students entered the cafeteria the youth reporters took their pictures and uploaded them straight to Instagram, the couple with the most likes won $50 gift cards. The contest was set up as a promotional effort for the full coverage of the event, by the morning of the promenade the account already had 150 followers.

Aside from having their pictures taken, students that attended the promenade were also interviewed on camera and asked what they liked about the city as well as their plans after graduating. Then the students got into formation and headed to the gymnasium where there was a red carpet and their family and friends sat in the beechers to cheer them on.

The promenade wasn’t the only reported on by this group of youths, that ranged in ages from 16-24 some of which were high school and college students, but the post-production of the film footage of the event were also their sole responsibility.

“If it succeeds and gets done it’s on us, if it falls thru it’s on us,” said Rivera. “The coverage of the promenade should be up on PCTV by mid-July.”

The promenade was just one event in the series of cooperative-coverage done by this group of youth reporters. Also covered was the June 5 Scholarship Banquet in which Plainfield High School seniors were given over $68,000 by local businesses to further their education. The high school graduation will also be covered by this group of youths on June 27.

“Our main focus is graduation,” said Rivera. “We want 2013 to be the golden age for Plainfield.”