Whether it’s a new or redesigned website, search engine optimization (SEO), logo and branding materials, ecommerce, social media or a mobile app, The Block can help small businesses establish an effective marketing presence in today’s competitive and technologically advanced industry.

Established in 2011 by Sean Bucher and Devon Clarke, the company’s main goal is to help smaller businesses thrive and compete in today’s global marketplace. “There are so many small businesses out there but there wasn’t anyone to help them effectively build their business. We wanted to provide an affordable and reliable option to help them maintain their business,” said Clarke of the concept behind The Block. “No business is too small because, at the end of the day, small businesses are our neighbors so why not help them out.”

With offices in Fanwood and Brooklyn, The Block employs a team of design experts dedicated to providing small businesses with customized and affordable, high-quality online and offline solutions. In addition to traditional marketing materials such as flyers, brochures and newsletters, The Block specializes in developing user-friendly, eye-catching websites optimized for desktops, tablets and mobile as well as mobile apps.

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By turning to The Block for their online and offline marketing needs, small businesses can remain focused on their product with peace of mind knowing there is someone else driving their customer-base.

 “A lot of small businesses feel they cannot compete with the multi-million dollar ones but in today’s ever changing technological age that just isn’t the case anymore. We can offer them access to the same multi-million dollar systems larger companies have but at a local level,” said Bucher, adding, “We work with our clients to develop a strong ecommerce and mobile commerce presence, which in return will generate more sales for their business. By utilizing technology, even the smallest mom and pop business can drive up their sales.”

The company prides itself on offering clients customized service every step of the way, something not offered by the various ‘create your own website’ companies available today. “Many of these large, online companies use cookie cutter designs, which result in no real branding or uniqueness for your business,” said Clarke. “All of our designs are customized to help small businesses distinguish themselves from the competition. That, in return, will generate more business because the client-base and customers are able to relate and recognize that business easier.”

The Block’s team of experts will meet face-to-face with clients to ensure that the end result is one that matches the business, its goals and market audience. “Only by sitting down with someone are you able to build that relationship,” added Clarke, who noted that his company has worked to create and/or revamp the sites for a variety of local businesses and organizations, including but not limited to, Pizza Stop, A Small World Preschool, Little Big Ones Preschool, the South Plainfield Business Association and the Tri-County Chamber of Commerce.

In addition to offering affordable, high-quality online and offline solutions to help smaller businesses thrive, The Block also provides customers with competitive, flat-rate packages that cover hosting, management, maintenance, security and support.

According to Bucher, many of the large design companies do not handle the hosting or maintenance of site, leaving the business to go out and find someone to host it and responsible for making any changes or updates along the way.

“We offer affordable solutions for professional advice and assistance and our packages provide you with the support you need to be confident in your technology,” he said, adding, “Whether it’s uploading/changing/removing text, pictures and videos or addressing technical problems with us you don’t have to worry about any of that unless you want to.”

For more information on The Block, visit theblock.me, call (732) 743-5410 or email info@theblock.me.