PLAINFIELD, NJ - From Mayor O'Keefe to the present I have watched Plainfield conduct the silent municipality auction.  Popularity, political connections and at times voter ignorance has made the Queen City a political training ground.  As this election approaches all four candidates deserve respect and appreciation for participating in the process as we know it.  It is the process not the candidates that restrain this city from becoming as it was in 1976 ( All-American city.)  It is fashionable to use the children of this town for photo ops and budget line items, to blame for the cities crime and lack of business, yet they have no voice in the decisions made about their future.  Last but not least we the taxpayers are instructed to vote Line A. My question is; WHY?  Candidates use to have platforms made of planks (interest of the voters) Now, we the taxpayers get Sunday afternoon debates and phantom candidates who have other engagements more important than securing the confidence of the voters and taxpayers of this city.  Silently, this election will be won by someone endorsed by a special group or on the line of a political party...A silent political municipality Auction...a far cry from the democratic process our forefathers envisioned. Plainfield, improve the process.  Make the candidates accountable for your vote and insure the voices of your children have a plank on the platform of the best qualified candidate.  Lastly, lets improve a process that we own and a city that belongs to us!      SUBMITTED BY  D.J. SALTER