CLARK, NJ – Clark School officials released a statement to parents and guardians throughout the district on Friday, February 21 warning about a new social media challenge sweeping the country. 

In his release, Superintendent Ed Grande referred to the latest viral fad as “…a very dangerous trend known as the ‘Skull Breaker Challenge’ that is occurring through the social media app TikTok.”

The challenge dupes an unsuspecting person into what they think is a jumping game.  Generally two people trick a third person into jumping into the air and proceed to knock the person's feet out from under them causing them to fall back and generally hit their head instead of landing on their feet. 

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In a CBS/ WJZ13 report one emergency room doctor warns of the dangers of the Skull Breaker Challenge.  “At best you’ll get a bruise, at worst you can die”, said Dr. Richard Lebow in his preliminary explanation of all the injuries that can stem from a blow to the head. 

Parents of victims of the challenge have taken to social media to warn others to tell their children not to participate in this latest trend.   One mom even posted photos of her son on Facebook after he sustained injuries when he was invited to participate in a jumping contest.

Grande assured parents Friday's message was intended to provide a warning and that there have been no reports of the challenge in town schools.   “While we have yet to hear of our students participating in such behavior, we wanted to give you a heads-up so that you could talk to them about the associated dangers.” he said.