WESTFIELD, NJ — Westfield Police Chief David Wayman spoke to TAP into Westfield in an exclusive interview Friday about the now infamous case of “The Watcher,”dispelling one theory that the alleged stalker’s disturbing letters might not actually exist.

“We have three,” said Wayman. The letters in evidence were sent to the home’s buyers, he confirmed.

Members of the media converged in Westfield this week, seeking more information about the story of a creepy stalker whose letters to new buyers, signed “The Watcher,” were so terrifying that the family opted not to move into their $1.3 million home on Boulevard. “People Magazine,” Good Morning America,” the “Today Show” and even British tabloids have featured stories about it.

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“I wasn’t expecting this much exposure,” Chief Wayman admitted.

The case itself is about a year old, Mayor Andy Skibitsky said at Tuesday night’s town council meeting, but came to the media’s attention only recently when the home’s new owners filed a law suit against the people who sold it to them, saying that they should have disclosed that they, too, had received a “Watcher” letter before closing the deal.

“When over a year ago this matter was reported to the police, our police department conducted an exhaustive investigation based on the factual circumstances and evidence available,” Skibitsky said Tuesday night. He assured the public that “no stone was left unturned” and urged anyone with additional facts or information relating to this matter to contact Westfield police at 908-789-4000.

The case is not closed, Wayman said Friday, adding, “We continue to follow up on leads as they are developed.”