Dear Editor,
Congressman Lance has been promising his constituents a town hall "around Presidents' Day" (in Flemington) for a month now, despite a growing number of Westfielders' repeated requests for an immediate one. In addition, many constituents (including myself) are complaining that neither he nor his spokespeople respond to phone calls, messages left with his office staff or e-mails. Some have signed up for his newsletters that contain instant polls on topics of his choosing (the only way he appears to be communicating with us), but they don't all receive the same polls.  Instant polls are an insufficient means of communication, anyway.
Congressman Lance has taken some controversial positions under this new administration and has been vague or silent on others of vital concern to his constituency. We want the opportunity to fully express our concerns; ask questions; receive clarification; and give input and feedback. Congressman Lance seems to have forgotten that he works for District 7 in New Jersey, not for the political establishment in Washington. This lack of communication with the people who he represents is unacceptable. 
Elisa Fazio
Westfield Resident