Dear Senator Sweeney,

So this is your good friend Assemblyman Jerry Green?

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You don't know the first thing about what is going on here in Plainfield, yet you lend your name to the most vile and untruthful mailer in recent memory.  You should be ashamed of yourself and your association with Mr. Green.  That you would stoop to such tactics makes one wonder just what sort of politician you are.  You buy into Green's game without a hoot for the corruption and self-dealing he has brought to this city over the time he's been in office and deplorably leading the local Democratic Party.  The one constant over twenty years has been Green's manipulative and deceitful ways.  If we're the backwater of Union County and a basket-case for neglect and decay, it is because of Green's poisoned hand, his backstabbing, and his undermining of any progressive moves.  His slate of candidates for City Council are: one Plainfield Municipal Utilities Authority commissioner who sits in silence about the robber-barons who siphon money out of residents' pocket books, the wife of a former commissioner who, with her husband, have taken many $1000s in illegal compensation, and Jerry's appointed City Councilwoman who votes that all is well and good with a city authority that has engaged in contract fraud, massive overstaffing costing us millions, and rewarding two former executives with $1,000,000 in payola AFTER they quit and after years of mismanagement.

If this is the sort of due diligence and loyalty that is typical of you when you align yourself with any old Democrat, then your judgment is highly suspect, and should be noted by all your current and prospective constituents, as well as your Senate colleagues.  Your move was shameful.  You owe Councilwoman Rebecca Williams, a dedicated public servant and educator, as well as every true Democrat in Plainfield, a heartfelt and public apology.  If not, then it should be known that you are laying down in the gutter with the thugs who abuse every aspect of public service.