As many of us are taking time out today to honor our mothers and the mother-like figures in our lives, I just wanted to take the time out and tell you about my number one supporter and some of the immeasurable life lessons she has taught me…lessons that I will bring with me to the table if I am elected to the Plainfield City Council representing the First Ward.

  • Gratitude: My mother used to always have a saying: “People do for you because they want to, not because they have to.”  This taught me to never take anything people do for you for granted. As I walk around the First Ward and meet voters, I am grateful to every one of them who took the time out to listen to me when I knocked on their doors.
  • Dedication: My mother wakes up in the wee hours of the morning every day.  When I was younger, she used to wake up early and take me to the babysitter or to daycare every day by 6:30 am to ensure that I was safe before she got on the train to New York to go to work. She doesn’t drive, so after she walked me to my babysitter’s, she would trek to the train station to begin her daily commute. No matter what, she went to work every day.  Even after commuting for 30 plus years, my mother still wakes up early and gives her best at work. That’s true dedication.
  • Compassion:  My mother is a civil servant, who works for a social service agency in New York. She sees people when they are sometimes at their lowest point in life, and she treats everyone she encounters with dignity and respect.  She never judges her clients for their life choices, but instead finds ways to encourage them and to help provide resources to get them on the right track.  I remember one time when we were walking down the street, and a woman came up to my mom, thanking her and tearfully expressing gratefulness for everything she had done for her. As we walked away, I asked her who the woman was—she told me that the woman was a former client whom she had assisted during a difficult situation. My mother’s compassion and concern for others knows no bounds.
  • Hard Work:  My mother has always been a supporter of education. She never had to reward me for scholastic achievement, because it was simply what she expected of me. With her support and loving care, I was able to earn a Master’s degree from Rutgers University. The work ethic she instilled in me is something that I will always treasure.

I am truly thankful for all that my mother has given me, and I hope you will join her on Tuesday, June 5th, and vote Column B. I will take the lessons she taught me and use them to help move the City of Plainfield forward.

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