PLAINFIELD, NJ — I have been a resident of the city of Plainfield for 23 years and honored to serve the residents of the 1st and 4th wards of the Queen City for 4 years.

I do not believe that I forfeited my rights as a citizen and my protection under the United States Constitution because I chose to serve the citizens in my community.

JFK once said, “The rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened.”

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On December 9th 2017, I was that one man whose rights were threatened. Our US Supreme Court has historically said one of this country’s most protected rights throughout history has been the sanctity and privacy a person can expect in his/her home. While I know every day our Plainfield Police officers work diligently and risk their lives to serve our community, and I support and applaud their efforts; their efforts must always insure that they protect the rights of every individual they encounter. That protection was not afforded to me on December 9th 2017 and my rights were violated in the most egregious manner. Over the last 2 years, I have encountered residents and individuals from other communities who shared their stories of situations, where they too experienced their rights being violated, but they felt they had no voice or recourse.

Upon my exoneration in January of 2020, I took time to reflect and determine the serious toll this violation had taken on my life. After considerable reflection, I did what any citizen who suffered damages by the inappropriate actions of another would do. As I said, I never forfeited my rights as a citizen. My action in no way interferes with my ability to carry out my oath of office as a city Councilman. Nor does my voting and conducting city business create any conflict of interest, as I have no personal interests in any issues that come before the council.

It was my hope that my action would place this critical issue of protecting the constitutional rights of our citizens, as a priority in our community discussions. In addition, require the continued education of our police officers, to insure they do not violate the rights of any other Plainfield resident.

All of our lives changed drastically in the last 4 weeks as we have seen how COVID 19 has affected the Nation our State and especially our city, with over 1300 reported positive cases and the loss of 24 souls. During this time, I have personally served and delivered numerous meals throughout this City and particularly to our seniors in Richmond Towers. I have seen firsthand the great need in our community. I must say that my damages and my personal losses pales in comparison to what is taking place in the lives of these families and the hundreds more that we know will be impacted. I would never want anything to distract from the attention and resources that our community will need to recover. Therefore, I have advised my attorney that I will no longer pursue any further legal action in this matter and to withdraw all claims. Now like never before I thank God for my health, strength, and that of my family and the opportunity to serve. It is my prayer that we all continue to work together to help those in need, as we remain One Plainfield One Future