Call to action: Due to the unfortunate global pandemic, the Plainfield Board of Education is facing a $12.8 million dollar budget cut. Black and Brown districts across the country have been affected by the lack of educational access and opportunities for far too long. The ability to access a quality education is critically uneven nationwide, and tremendously difficult for people of color. Although, we are resilient in Plainfield, this underfunded district cannot withstand such an astronomical cut. We have to organize and protest against the educational inequality. We will be calling on the support of all stakeholders: parents, students, residents, teachers, BOE staff, and clergy to stand with us to ensure we are heard. Despite personal political preferences, we must truly unify as one city and contact the Governor, Assemblywomen/Assemblymen, and the Commissioner of Education, to deliver the message loud and clear that there has already been astronomical cutting of our school budget. If we stand together, we will make it more clear than ever before, that the underfunding and miseducation of our young scholars must come to an end now. Information will be forthcoming.