Dear Mayor Mapp:

I am a long-time Plainfield resident in Sleepy Hollow who is very concerned and disappointed about what I've recently learned. We all go about our day expecting that our elected and appointed officials will be transparent and sensitive to all, and what I've been finding out is quite the contrary - that backroom deals are more the norm, and that data is ignored.

I am speaking of the fact that despite all data to the contrary, Union County, and Plainfield specifically according to what I found out about the latest meeting in September, continues to demonize wildlife, particularly the white-tailed deer who are here to share our property and co-exist with us. The county and city seem to be feeding false and misleading soundbites to residents like myself, who are led to believe that there are no alternatives to this violence. This killing program only increases yearly, and must be stopped.

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I have done my own research and deeply appreciate our biodiversity, which is why I am vehemently against the deer hunt that was voted on and want it to be called off.  Like many local residents I am just discovering this atrocity, and as I talk to others, they express the same high level of shock and dismay. and do NOT want ANY deer killed. 

They are not harming anyone, however, higher-ups and couldn't-care-less hunters continue to harm them, precious beings.

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Let me state clearly that I am against any type of barbaric killing, whether by bow or gun, and I implore you to revert to the September 2019 agreement with the residents of Plainfield that had a plan for peaceful coexistence. Killing has done nothing but provide hunters with municipal lands to bait and kill, while taxpayers like us cover their costs. Not a thing will be achieved except to divide communities, increase taxes, and create an even greater wharf between residents and elected officials.

Thank you for considering and hopefully acting upon this. Please advise.