I attended my first Plainfield, NJ (Union County) council meeting on February 12.    Within minutes, it became clear that the reason it moved so quickly was that all decisions had already been made, there would be no ears given to any resident input,  no matter how cogent.   Tabling an item for more discussion would never be a consideration, as in the matter of the Dudley House.

Regarding the Deer Kill,  residents were expected to drink the KoolAid, that all shrubs would be forever protected.      This mayor and council was given humane, nonlethal alternatives that would actually work, and would still protect our beautiful biodiversity.  The deer kill (not a hunt) now in Day 42, will NOT reduce deer/human interactions and will only divide the community.    The deep ties to  Union County, the State,  and the private hunt club point to Adrian Mapp's redefinition of the role of mayor in our town.  The position is just a springboard for his own lofty ambitions, and Plainfield is being sold out for that goal.

The kill was wrong-minded, sloppy, unnecessary, inhumane, and brought violence to Plainfield.    Far from transparent, the mud is so thick in this Administration that we will be left with the damage far into the future.  Every decision being made is about political survival and advancement. The meeting concluded at 9:00 pm, Mr. McRae's own version of Beat the Clock. It would have been sooner had those residents with pertinent  things to say not gotten in his way.

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Thank you to the bloggers and those who maintain Facebook in Plainfield.   Communication among residents is more important now than ever.

Marie Ansari
Animal Initiative Committee