Dear Editor;

I just wanted to address an inaccurate email sent to you.  The Plainfield School Board supported its former interim superintendent with everything he wanted to do and it can be proven by going back and viewing all of the voting that transpired during his term.  The Interim could only work in the district for 2 years due to rules and regulations associated with selecting out of the retired pool. The person in charged worked in the district for 15 month and only had 9 remaining.  So in January of 2020 we would have been back in the same predicament of looking for an acting or interim superintendent because the school year would have been started us we would not have had a good pool of candidates.  Everyone yells enough of the musical chairs but is upset when something is done to stop it?  Another thing that is important to know that the superintendent never said that he would return via email or a phone conversation with any one that could possibly get him back,  So if that is a true statement that was sent to you , we  the community would love to see when he suggested he will come back.  

All I ask is that you vote, let your eyes and heart be the guide to who you vote for.