The Plainfield Education Association is calling for leadership and good faith from the
Board of Education. The Board has a sworn ethical responsibility to seek a Chief
School Leader to help to maintain the educational standards and operations of the
public schools. Every student, and employee serving the students in varying
capacities, is entitled to demand that responsibility be upheld.

Residents vote for the School Board, and entrust them with the sacred responsibility
of overseeing the functioning of the schools. At this time leadership-level operations
have come to a standstill. Plainfield deserves better.

Meanwhile, students and employees are still there, every day, working to meet and
to exceed barriers to success. They are the people in the trenches, working through
the maelstrom that The School Board has created. It does not have to be, and should
not, be this way. Elected leaders should be building capacity, not tearing it down.
The very people who are rising above the daily tumult, are also taking home less to
their own families. During Teacher Appreciation week, the Board voted to impose
outrageous increases to employee contributions to benefits, resulting in employees
taking home thousands less in salary to their own families. This will result in
causing the very people who are working tirelessly to maintain any shred of stability
to the schools, to have to consider leaving their positions to work elsewhere.
Surrounding towns offer much more fair compensation and medical contribution

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Who will suffer the most due to the inaction of the Board of Education? What are the
priorities of The Board? The students, the parents, and the community will be the
victims of the lack of good faith in recent actions, or inactions, of The Board.
Employees have pleaded with the Board to fulfill the duties of the position that they
sought and to which they were elected. Board Members took an oath to work to
make decisions that will affect lives and futures of our most vulnerable residents:
children. It’s time to end this upheaval and get back to the work of moving the
Plainfield Public Schools forward. Our children deserve it.

Charisse Parker
Proud President
Plainfield Education Association