To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is to express my support for Melba Mullins to the candidacy of Plainfield Board of Education. Melba came into my life thirteen years ago when I was entering my sophomore year of Hillside High School. She was appointed class advisor of the graduating class of 2006. She introduced herself as the advocate for our class. If as a student body there were concerns we came across, she boldly stated that she was there to help us identify a solution. She shared her commitment to working to enhance our student experience. 

In a time where decisiveness is so important, Melba works to identify solutions and opportunities for growth. I have never experienced a situation with Melba when she stated a problem without recognizing a solution. I recall an instance where a number of my peers were unsure about the road they would take after high school. Melba spent time with each student counseling them and helping them realize their potential. She worked tirelessly with two of my peers who did not gain entrance in to a higher education institution. Ever the advocate, Melba made personal phone calls to the admissions office on behalf of the students. One week before high school graduation, my peers learned that the university reversed their decision and were offered acceptance. This is what I believe is one of Melba’s most pronounced strengths; her ability to problem solve.

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It is this kind of passion and dedication to youth that makes for a strong school board member. Someone who does not step away from our children because an issue is big, or others are not willing to help. Children deserve someone who is continuously thinking and working towards making their learning experience one that will allow them to compete on a global level. Melba is this person. She is persistent, strong, even-minded, and ready to work!

It is will full confidence that I share my support for Melba Mullins as Plainfield Board of Education member. 


Kimaada Sills, MCRP