First, congratulations to Chairman Nick Scutari. I look forward to working alongside him as 1st Vice Chair of the Union County Democratic Committee. 

For the last three weeks, this campaign for UCDC Chair displayed the power we have and the voice we share. You are the leaders, citizens and activists who are helping shape our future. What you do in your hometowns and participating in the process makes a difference. To be surrounded by such strong, brave, and informed individuals--forces for good, that is the greatest gift for me and the communities we live in. 

Our neighbors all over New Jersey were watching us in Union County, learning, getting inspired to jump in and step up to lead alongside us. Whether you’ve been in public service for twenty years like me, or just twenty days, leaders start somewhere and I need you to keep going.

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See you out there,


Colleen Mahr 4 Chair
Fanwood Mayor & Acting Chair, UC Democratic Committee