PLAINFIELD, New Jersey – Looking to be the first Latina to represent the city of Plainfield, Alma Blanco is being considered for appointment for  the open City-Council at Large position. Blanco has run twice for a City Council position unsuccessfully as an Independent Democrat, which shows her passion and commitment to the growing Latino community of Plainfield and her desire to effectively represent all residents of Plainfield.

 “A Latina has never held an elected office position in our city, and the majority of our city is Hispanic now. That alone is a challenge in the current political environment. No one is addressing the lack of representation for the fastest growing segment of the population” Alma Blanco said. “I am Latina, but I am a woman also, so I have two mountains that make it very hard for me win in the climate I'm in.”

Blanco faces two opponents in this election, however she feels that she is the best candidate for the position.

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“I, along with two other candidates, am being considered, and I am honored to be chosen by our Mayor as one of the names to be considered to fill the current City Council At-Large vacancy.” Blanco said. “I share the same direction that our Mayor and this Administration is heading. Our   next Council member will need to bring  innovation to the table, as well as diversity, and new ideas that will benefit Plainfield moving forward. I can offer this along with the ability to create inroads to further unify our city and bring  further needed investments to the city. Through progress, we all benefit.”

Despite the challenges Blanco faces, she is positive she can overcome them, citing past experience working together with Mayor Mapp after having previous opposing views.

“In the past, we may have been on opposing sides,” said Blanco about her history with the Mayor. “What makes this historical is that the Mayor, current Plainfield Democratic Chairman, chose me despite being my former opposition. We both started to make inroads to start working together. The peacemaking between us started when we both endorsed the new County Democratic Chair Senator Nicholas Scutari earlier this year, which  caused a ripple effect from top party leadership that the time was now to start working together”, where Mayor Mapp commented on Blanco’s endorsement, “Nick Scutari brings people together. We need a Union County Democratic Chair who can unify us, not divide us. All different perspectives need to be represented within our Party.”

Blanco also knows exactly what she would bring to the table if she is chosen for this position.

“The tenacity and determination I have demonstrated is what I can offer as my role as Councilwoman. I have continued to seek a platform that would combine my desire to serve the community along with showing my  willingness to join the progress that our city has  experienced under our current leadership,” Blanco said. “With Mayor Mapp choosing my name for consideration, he has chosen this symbol of unity, and all for the sake of progress, while combining  like-minded passion to reflect that working together and not against each other is the only way to advance the future of Plainfield.”

Blanco’s sincerest desire is to work together with the Mayor and all current city council members and administration to create pathways to unify the city and promote what is best for the citizens of Plainfield. Through this, Plainfield will be able to grow and progress forward.

The City Council will determine their vote fill the vacancy on Monday’s Council meeting, June 18th at 7:00 pm sharp before the session starts. “I urge members of the Plainfield City Council to make a historic vote and choose me, Alma Blanco as the first Latina to serve as a member of the Plainfield City Council.”

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