A Video Presentation Highlights of the Work the Buildings and Grounds Department, Ensuring Safety Measures Put in Place to Confirm Staff and Student Safe Return for In-Person Learning

PLAINFIELD, NJ — A video presentation highlighting the safety measures and upgrades that have been implemented in District schools by the Plainfield Public Schools Buildings and Grounds Department was released by Dr. Diana Mitchell, Superintendent of Schools. 

Dr. Mitchell introduced the video at the recent Board of Education meeting to inform the board members as well as the parents and the public about the upgrades.

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“The changes you see on the video have been going on in our District since March of 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic forced school closures. These changes were implemented to ensure a safe environment for students and staff when they return for in-person learning.”

The video shows what students and visitors will encounter as they approach all buildings. “When you first arrive to the wonderful campus at Plainfield High School you will see a sign that reminds you to practice social distancing. You'll see signage that also reminds you that it's required to have the facial mask.” 

Immediately after entering the buildings, across the threshold, floor markers and posters on the walls remind the visitors to stay safe.  Including automatic thermometers to measure a person’s temperature, an early COVID-19 alert to possible symptoms.

“To identify early COVID-19 symptoms among staff, visitors and students we've adapted our in-school learning environments to prioritize social distancing practices and to adhere to CDC guidelines,” said Sean Sutton, Coordinator of the Department of Buildings and Grounds.  

“We have early detectors of COVID symptoms by the way of electronic thermometers at every entrance before a person may proceed inside the schools. Hand sanitizers throughout the hallways in all of our campuses and in every classroom. We installed bathroom alerts which allows us to monitor our restrooms and provide real time information needed to cleanse our bathrooms and campuses. Bathrooms are cleaned hourly at our schools.”

The buildings and grounds staff has been trained to address the demands for additional cleaning during the COVID pandemic. Custodians have been trained in the use of the  Protexus electrostatic sprayer system. The fastest and most efficient way to sanitize large campuses. 

“We've increased our routine cleaning regimens to eliminate virus contact and transmission in high traffic areas in all the schools,” said Mr. Sutton.

Building infrastructures have been upgraded to utilize new covid preventative technologies and contactless systems to manage high traffic areas. The District has partnered with Johnstone Supply to install the  wave air purifiers in all buildings. 

The wave air purifiers addresses air-flow conditions via a high quality ionizer method, approved by both the CDC and the EPA. The ionizers use positive and negatively charged ions that kill the coronavirus and other viruses pathogens and molds. The system was installed in the larger structures in our District. 

The ionizers act on the air as it is pulled into the ductwork, as the air enters into the ductwork, the powered filter sends the ions through the ductwork between the coils and the filters to cleanse the air as it comes out the vents and into the rooms and spaces. 

Mr. Sutton added that all the upgrades have been completed at the majority of the schools, and his staff will continue to address every aspect of the plan to keep the buildings clean and the staff and students safe. 

“The reason for me that public health is important in a school setting, is that it's been scientifically proven that student achievement is directly correlated to a sanitary, clean environment.  If you come into a clean environment, and you breathe the air, and you have no kind of hindrance, from a visual point of view or a sanitation point of view, you're more inclined to be more focused in school. But most importantly during this period of COVID, the safety and security of each of our plainfield family members is paramount to our concerns.”

The video is posted on the District website at www.plainfieldk12.nj.us 

For more information, please email gmontealegre@plainfield.k12.nj.us