“What you see behind me is a life-changing project for myself that I have been working on since January 2017, nearly two years, discreetly; not sharing much about it with anybody. I've had plenty of reasons to give up on this truck; I purchased it pretty much from the ground up from Rashine Mobile, another local city entrepreneur. The truck had no steering column, no computer; it was nothing but a silver aluminum box, but I had a vision and that vision is still a manifestation.” This is how Kasi McKoy described his latest venture, creating a mobile video production truck.

Just a few of the Kasi's obstacles included: funding the project out of his own pocket, with no assistance from loans, investors, or sponsors; most days he used his last bit of money to buy an auto part or a can of paint, or something to that nature. He dealt with crooked mechanics, major wiring issues, to finding parking (which is such a struggle), threats from the city's mayor and his cabinet, consistent harassment from city inspectors, sleepless nights, and so much more, all before the age of 21 - the truck never seemed like it would work out!

On Wednesday, July 4, the truck had a complete turnaround, my mechanic got the truck running smooth and the lettering was finished at 2:30 that morning, thanks to the guys at Dotted Line Sign Company, also in Plainfield, this truck was able to make its debut in the 2018 Plainfield Independence Day Parade, just like McKoy planned and he couldn't have been more proud!

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McKoy encourages readers and local youth, “Stick in there people, one day your plans will come to life, but that can only happen if you stay the course!”

The integrated media production and entertainment company, Studio 15 Productions, was formed in 2010 by two 15-year old males, who are local Plainfield natives, Kasi McKoy and Justin Shider, combining their artistic talent into a business format.

Kasi McKoy credits this project to his biggest helper, God, his business partners, Justin Shider and Rayn Wyatt, his family, along with everyone who helped and encouraged him through this journey, including those who have gracefully allowed them to park in their driveways, picked up a paint brush, or even donated, whether time or money. McKoy refrained from listing names of helpers, so that he wouldn’t leave anyone out, rather stating, “All are appreciated and you will be a part of this #MajorMove and publicly recognized the right way, soon!”

For more information regarding Studio 15 services (Photography, Video, Audio Production, Entertainment and Moving), please visit the website at  www.studio15pro.com  or call (908)-864-7883.