Friday, March 30 was Take a Walk in the Park Day, so I did.  I really didn't have an excuse to not do so; the sun was shining, I had the day off, and I had no plans for the rest of the day.  So after a session with Abbe, my trainer at LifeTime Fitness, I made the short trip to Lake Surprise in Watchung Reservation. 

As I made my way around the lake, it was easy to see how many trees were affected by the Nor'easters that took our area by storm this past month.  More than once I had to climb over toppled limbs, and maneuver around trunks that blocked the trail, but I took it in stride.

There are some really muddy areas right now, so consider that when you choose your footwear for your own walk.

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I met a young guy who was fishing, and we talked about the opening of trout season on April 7, and how Seeley's Pond will soon be stocked.  Find out what other bodies of water in Union County will receive the rainbow trout here.

I passed a group of kids cleaning up one of the picnic areas.  When I ran into the father who had brought them lunch, he said the boys are working on his son's Eagle Scout project; he's in Troop 75 in Cranford.  I told him to thank his son for doing this, and continued on towards my car.

While it wasn't a long walk, it left me feeling refreshed, looking forward to warmer days for more opportunities to opt outside.

There are so many reasons why someone might choose to walk.  If you've read this column, you know why I do.  But if you want to learn why others choose this activity, check out my friend Risa's new book, Why Walk, just published and available on Amazon.  Risa is one of the amazing Freewalkers I've met, and I can't wait to get my copy.

That's all for now, I'm taking myself outside for a walk!