Thursday, May 27th Terrell Henderson will be graduating from Union Catholic Regional High School. Terrell is such a humble, reserved young man and never brags or talks about his achievements. Even though Terrell was robbed of his 2nd half of JR year and his entire Senior year in varsity basketball and everything JR’s & Seniors have always experienced, he remained a straight A student and has been on the honor roll every semester in HS. Terrell received awards in Criminology, US History & Christian Life as well as an award for overall Academic Excellence.

Terrell has been accepted into 8 colleges and received scholarships from 7 of them. He was one of 40 students to be selected into a prestigious flagship diversity program at one of the colleges that he didn’t choose. He was torn between majoring in Engineering at Seton Hall and CyberSecurity at Rider University but Rider won (look out for him and his dad to do big things in that field in a few years).

Terrell has received several scholarships from various organizations but two that he should be most proud of is one from The Johanna M. Wilk Memorial Scholarship in which only 2 students from his school were selected and other from the Two Hundred Club of Union County in which only 5 students were selected out of thousands of applicants. Most importantly it was the words in each letter that he received, particularly “embodiment of kindness and compassion,” “love and respect of your family” and “open and honest” that is an outstanding accomplishment. Each letter described precisely the type of young man Terrell Henderson is and embodies daily.

We know that Terrell will go on to do phenomenal things as a scholar and athlete as he embarks on his next phase in life at Rider University in the Fall of 2021. Congratulations Terrell Henderson on a job well done and best wishes for a bright and prosperous future.