PLAINFIELD, NJ - Longtime Plainfield resident, Tamara Robb, Founder & President of Robb Digital Marketing LLC, a company born on the third floor of her home in Plainfield on October 17, 2011, has built a successful digital marketing firm that works with clients throughout the country and internationally.  Harnessing the power of the digital age, Robb Digital leads businesses into the future of marketing.  Robb attributes her success to the support of family, friends and a loving community.

“Having a thriving digital marketing company has been a dream that I’ve had since I was in my twenties,” said Robb.  “We started Robb Digital Marketing in my home in Plainfield.  Early on, it was just one employee and myself.  We still have warm memories of working in my third floor office.”

Robb and her husband of fourteen years, Dean Robb, moved to Plainfield in November of 2001.  Dean has a PhD in Human and Organizational Development and is a recovery coach as well as copywriter for Robb Digital.  The couple say the sense of community and diversity make their town a wonderful place to live.   From the beautiful holiday lights that adorn the charming architecture of the neighborhood to festive Halloween trick-or-treating, the Plainfield community prides itself on tradition.

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“I love it here in Plainfield,” said Robb.  “Ever since we moved to our neighborhood, we have had the most amazing turnout for Halloween of anyone I know in or outside of New Jersey.  We have over a 150 kids every year, possibly 200 some years.  I always run out of candy and I buy a ton.  I dress up almost every year just to hand it out.  I love it so much!”

Class of 1992 Graduate of Douglass College at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, Robb brings to the table over twenty-seven years of experience in marketing with twenty of them focused on digital.  Robb Digital Marketing is certified as a women’s business enterprise by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).  Robb is also an active member of the Middlesex Regional Chamber of Commerce, Healthcare Businesswomen's Association (HBA) and is President of BizNet, a Central New Jersey networking organization.

“I grew up in Pennsylvania and one of the reasons I chose to go to Rutgers was because of the diversity,” said Robb.  “I moved to Plainfield because it is so incredibly diverse - the ages, the ethnicities, even the sizes and styles of the homes on my street!”

On July 23rd, in order to accommodate their expanding business, Robb Digital Marketing held a ribbon cutting to commemorate the opening their new office, located at 121 Union Avenue Suite 1 in Middlesex, NJ. Robb said the move represents a new chapter for the company.

“I want to thank everybody who’s helped get us here,” said Robb, on the steps of her new office.  “I really feel like this is a new beginning.  It’s wonderful being in this space, a much larger space than our previous office with a lot of great energy.”

“The ribbon cutting was a perfect culmination of where we’ve come from eight years ago to where we are today,” said Jim Napier, Robb Digital Marketing Manager of Digital Operations, who was Robb’s first employee and remains loyal to the company.  “I couldn’t think of a better way to kick off the next chapter in our history and our growth.  This is the perfect event to do so.”

Numerous clients, strategic partners and Middlesex Borough Officials came out to support the Robb Digital Marketing team in their newest endeavor.   Middlesex Mayor Ronald DiMura, Council President John Madden and Councilman Doug Rex assisted cutting the royal blue ribbon, chosen to complement the signature vibrant blues and greens of Robb Digital’s company colors.

“We welcome Robb Digital Marketing to the borough and we look forward to working with her,” said DiMura.  “We’re excited to have the company here in Middlesex and I know they’ll be a great addition to our community.  I was impressed by what Tamara has done with their facility and the clientele she has.  I think Tamara has an unbelievable amount of energy and charisma.  I’m sure she’ll do a phenomenal job here.”

Robb has a team of dedicated employees, who work together to provide web design, search marketing, social media marketing, internet advertising and email marketing for a wide range of fields, such as healthcare, nonprofit, lifestyle, and law.

“My team is just amazing,” added Robb.  “We worked almost all day before the ribbon cutting and then the team pulled everything together.  It’s not like we spent the whole day prepping.  Their dedication shows in everything they do.  They’re proud to work here and passionate about the work they do for our clients.  Our team is incredible!”

Ralph Katz, Principal of CooperKatz & Company, now G&S Business Communications, was Robb’s first agency employer back in 1996.  

“What Tamara has done is so impressive,” said Katz.  “I know what it takes to run an agency and she’s taken on every aspect of it.  You’ve got to be doing content and knowledge.  You’ve got to be doing client relations.  You’ve got to hire the right people and then make sure you treat them well so they do well for you.  It’s amazing what she’s done.”

Assisting in cutting the ribbon was a longtime supporter and friend of Robb, Lina Llona, President of the Middlesex County Regional Chamber of Commerce.  Earlier this year, Robb Digital redesigned the chamber website.

“Working with Robb Digital was easy from the beginning,” said Llona.  “The team is always available and were ready and enthusiastic to bring our vision to the web.  Tamara has been an active member of our chamber, participating in networking, conferences and committees. I was beyond thrilled to celebrate Tamara’s move from one Middlesex County location to another one!”

Robb and her team devote themselves to their clients as a results-driven agency that makes things happen for their clients. 

“Most importantly, what we do is help people grow their businesses using digital means,” said Robb.  “That can be anything online from building a website to brand awareness to promoting a product by driving business to the client’s website and social presence.  Our largest client is focused on encouraging patients to discover their website and choose them over other providers, but then we also have small businesses we drive leads for using Facebook advertising.”

Although the company is focused on the digital world, the Robb Digital Marketing team prides themselves on having a personal touch, working closely with clients to strategically plan the right approach for them.

“We are a very diverse company in respect to all the marketing tactics we use,” said Robb. “But the thing that I’m most passionate about is the strategy behind all of it and figuring out what’s going to work for a particular client.  Whether it is healthcare-related or a promotional offer at a local business, no matter the audience or goals, the most fun is figuring out what’s going to work for each client.”

On the evening of July 23rd, as the ribbon that stretched across the entryway was cut on the steps of Robb Digital’s new home, friends, clients and supporters applauded wildly knowing the journey has been long and the endless possibilities lying ahead are great.  

“There was such an amazing amount of positivity and love from all the people who have touched so many different aspects of my career at the ribbon cutting,” said Robb.  “Suzanne Cordillo and Amy Cordillo from Sublime Salon have been my longest clients from the early 2000s and they came to the event.  Ralph Katz came in from New York City.  He was my mentor and my first employer at an agency to take a chance on me.  Chuck Whelan, my attorney and client as well as mentor, also attended the event.”

To further broaden the scope of their services, Robb Digital has partnered with professionals throughout the region to share expertise and resources.

“So many strategic partners came out for the event,” said Robb.  “My business is stronger because of these relationships and I couldn’t do the work that I do as well if it weren’t for them.”  

“Tamara’s accomplishments are incredible,” said Jill Ryan, Founder of WINK, Women Inspire Network Konnect, one of Robb’s strategic partners.  “I love working with her and the Robb Digital team.  I was so excited to be at the ribbon cutting and support one of our WINK women. Tamara is a true inspiration!”

Robb’s desire to know every aspect about technology and her passion for finding solutions while staying in touch with the human side of a digital world has driven her throughout her career.  She believes in forward motion and works to constantly stay on the cutting edge of technology.

“When CooperKatz & Company first opened, Tamara was our digital person,” said Katz.  “We would come in and she would be under the desk putting the network together.  She was into the early Internet of whatever that was in 1996.  She had a keen ability to use technology to enhance customer relations.  And even then, I was so impressed that she was always learning and keeping up with advances in technology.  So that was the start of her digital career.”

“Tamara deserves everything that she’s accomplished and it’s an amazing honor to be a part of the team,” said Napier.  “I just love being part of Robb Digital.”

Robb’s beautiful Plainfield home was the start of a thriving digital marketing company, which  has flourished to become a leader in the world of marketing.  Today, Robb Digital works hand in hand with healthcare organizations, nonprofits, law firms, many more who have watched their businesses grow with their help.

“I’m so happy I could be at the ribbon cutting to wish Tamara and her team success in opening her new office,” said Chuck Whelan, Law Offices of Charles D. Whelan III.  “Robb Digital's SEO has consistently produced a high volume of new business calls and first page search placement for my law firm.  It’s wonderful to be able to come out and celebrate their expansion.”

“My practice has been working with Tamara and the folks at Robb Digital for over a year now,” said Kellie J. Mozingo, Practice Administrator, Hunterdon Hematology Oncology LLC.  “Partnering with Robb has been so easy and we have grown through their partnership.  The team at Robb has made our internet presence look so much more professional and high-end, which is a true representation of our practice.  It’s very exciting that they now have a new office to continue to do all of the amazing work they do behind the scenes.”

Understanding the importance of mentorship through her own experience, Robb makes sure to hire interns and employees just starting out so they can learn from her and the Robb Digital team of seasoned professionals.  A member of Gamma Phi Beta in college, she has also remained loyal to her roots as she mentors those aspiring to follow her career path.

“We have had over ten interns over the years who were Gamma Phi undergrads and went on to have careers in marketing,” added Robb.

After the ribbon cutting, all attendees of the event enjoyed a reception in the new office to tour the facility and celebrate the exciting venture.

“I first want to wish Tamara tremendous, continued success,” said Wayne DeCoteau, Your Partner in Solar.  “I want to congratulate her on the official ribbon cutting and opening of Robb Digital Marketing’s Middlesex office.  I see great things in store for her and the team in the future and beyond.”

“This office is amazing and what Tamara has done is amazing,” said Katz.  “To watch someone, who was putting your network together and a jack of all trades grow, mature, keep learning in her field, and now run a successful company, when I know what it takes to run a company and be willing to get an office like this, that’s pretty incredible.”

Robb says the digital world has endless possibilities and she is passionate about helping others become successful with digital marketing.  

“Opening this office is the start of a new chapter for Robb Digital Marketing,” said Robb. “Everyone who came was just so energized coming in, seeing the space and meeting my team.  I’m really touched by them taking the time to support us.  I see really amazing things happening for us, our clients and our partners.  I feel the amazing momentum and am really blessed to be on this journey.”

For more information about Robb Digital Marketing, go to or call 732.486.3111.