First, I would like to congratulate the entire Plainfield High School Graduating Class of 2020, they have worked very hard to achieve this goal. I am writing this as a parent of one of those graduating seniors. I completely understand the gravity of the Covid-19 Pandemic and what it has meant for life, in general, the past 4 months.

However, I do believe the graduating seniors deserve a bit more from the Plainfield School System. We were told that virtual graduation and activities were being planned. During the pandemic, the school would call the house with updates as to what was needed for the kids to get their school work done.

However, we received no messages or calls referencing graduation or the process in which it will take place. The kids received a message on Google Classroom that they were to meet at the school on Monday, June 15 to drop off their tablet and pick up a free cap and gown. We as parents had no idea that there was an opportunity to take pictures against a graduation backdrop, nor did we know that they were receiving their diplomas as well. (the diplomas were given in a white envelope instead of the customary Plainfield High School Diploma case-shameful)

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Most of us found out through social media that a photo op was available that we missed out on. Like I referenced earlier, I understand that these are different times, however, I feel as if the Plainfield School System is just pushing these kids out the door without a proper sendoff. I have noticed other towns lining the streets with pics of their Senior class. I have seen towns have parades acknowledging the efforts of their senior. I even saw where a principle rented a parade like float and delivered diplomas personally.

Here in Plainfield, it is just a pre-taped virtual graduation, a t-shirt, and a rumored event being put together by the community, not the school system. As I type this on Thursday, June 18, I still have no idea how or where to watch this so-called graduation on Monday, June 22, as the School system has yet to notify parents of the events planned for Monday.

I feel this issue needs to be brought to light because from what I understand no one from the school system is willing to work on or even change any of this so-called event. Even more disturbing is the lack of communication that has been exhibited by the school system. We all know the messaging system works as every parent has gotten those repetitive robocalls back throughout the school year.

I write this in hopes of bringing this issue to light and someone with the power or authority to step in and recognize these outstanding Seniors' accomplishments properly.

Eugene Beckles

2020 Senior Parent